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Useful tips on how to clean mac successfully

Sometimes your Mac can cause an intense headache and even frustration when something hinders the performance of your Mac. It means that it is a high time to take a look at your disc space and free up it in a proper way. You should understand what is going on with your storage and which files need to be deleted. Of course, you can do all this dirty and tedious work manually but do not miss a chance to let a MacFly Pro Cleaner do everything for you.

How do I clean my mac to claim the space back

Uninstall apps that you don`t make use of

We are 100% sure that almost every mac computer user has at least several apps that just take up the valuable space without any use. But what do you keep it for? These apps just clutter your system with numerous folders and temporary files. Trash is the best place for such apps.

Clean your Desktop and Downloads folder properly

Desktop and Downloads are considered to be a sore point of any Mac user. You should review the content of your Downloads on a regular basis and drop those files to the Trash that you do not need anymore. It is also important to keep your desktop tidy and delete the files that turn it into a hot mess.

Free up space on your hard drive

Coping with large media files is another part of clean mac disk process. Move your games, music, or movies to the external files or just delete them if they are just piling up on your mac book pro. If you want to find out how much space your favorite files take, select Apple Menu-About This Mac and click Storage.

Delete the already deleted files

It means that you have to empty your Trash because the deleted files can still occupy a lot of space on your mac mini. It is so easy to do it – navigate to Trash, right-click, and select “Empty Trash”.

Reduce your login items

You should always keep your login items under control because they can affect the Mac`s boot up and its general performance. The thing is that there are a lot of unnecessary apps that always launch automatically when you start your Mac. Go to System Preferences, then go to the Users&Groups and click on the Login Items. Highlight the apps that are unnecessary for you and click the minus-sign.

How to clean my mac if I am not able to solve all Mac cleaning problems manually

With a high quality MacFly Pro Cleaner the disk space management problems won`t bother you anymore. It deals with all your folders, temporary files, and even mail downloads maintaining you Mac in the best condition possible. It is a great assistant when it comes to selecting what exactly should be deleted forever. Launch the program, head to Cleanup tab, hit “Scan”, and click Review files. Choose everything that you are going to remove and then clean up a mac in a few minutes.

MacFly Pro Cleaner will help you get rid of app caches, system log files, and corrupted cache files that clutter your Mac`s storage and prevent your computer from smoother functioning. It is a great way to get an extra bit of space without spending a lot of time and effort managing this accumulated stuff on your own.