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Mac Cleaner Tool

MacFly Pro will make your Mac better

Shine bright like a MacFly Pro

  • The best way to improve your Mac’s work
  • Clean up your cache and delete all duplicates
  • Remove all junk files
  • Increase the whole performance of your system

The powerful app to use

  • User-friendly interface
    Very simple to use for inexperienced users.
  • Unique cache cleaner
    Your cache folder will be no longer a problem.
  • App uninstaller
    Uninstall bored apps. MacFly Pro will do it for you in few seconds.
  • Duplicates remover
    The main annoying problem for every Mac user, but not with this app.
  • Files recovery
    You may accidentally remove some important files. MacFly Pro will restore those too.
  • Performance manager
    Gives you useful tips how to make your system work faster. Speed up Macbook!
  • No more manual cleaning
    Forget about manual way to cleanup your Mac. With MacFly Pro, you will do it faster.
  • Daily useful tips
    Get your tips from the app how to increase your Mac.

Speed Up Macbook Pro - Solve Many Issues

The full startup disk, storage or cache folder is not a problem anymore for your Mac. This unique application can protect your system from any threats, including damaged files from the web.


Morgan Jones

This application helped me to clean up my system. I could not manage to delete many corrupted files manually, but MacFly Pro did it in few minutes. Very useful application.

Allisson Becker

The combination of main features is just amazing. I do not waste my time anymore on cleaning process. Few clicks – and I continue to work.

Miguel Sanchez

I’ve been searching online for many days in order to find a good application. Now I use MacFly Pro. It has many advantages and my Mac is working faster than ever.

Speed Up Your Mac! Here’s What You Should Know About

Mac users always loved experiencing the commodity of Apple’s devices, the design speaks for itself, but what they don’t like – aside from flimsy charger – is the never-ending battle with running low on disk memory! Unlike PC, MacBook is more sensitive when it comes to space, so the next thing that happens after you’ve gathered a pile of junk files on your hard drive is mac simultaneously loses its snappiness

What some don’t know, is that among dozens of apps, there is one, an incredibly smart app that can bring your mac back to life with a single click. MacFly Pro is an automated safe assistant that can easily swipe the excess files off of your device without a hitch. The app guarantees a full-time worry-not working environment on your Mac with support for Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra.

Why MacFly Pro is the Best App to Clean Mac?

Unlike most of other apps, this one comes along with four different cleanup stages that will make your mac as good as new. Once you download and run the app, it will perform a programmed four-stage cleaning process, getting even in the most far removed folders in your device. So, what to choose to clean my mac safe? Let’s figure out what are those 4 stages which our cleaner is ready to offer:

  • System analyzer keeps everything in place and detects whether something on your mac needs to be removed or polished. It keeps an eye on the size of your cache, files and data.
  • Leftovers scan detects iPhoto cache, trash, temporary files, email attachments, email & photo trash on your computer. The best app for mac clean up should be capable of finding and deleting all types of junk files and that’s exactly what the MacFly Pro does!
  • Threats expert monitors suspicious downloads, possibly harmful files and applications, keeping your mac and my mac safe from malicious cookies and malware.
  • Memory cleaner handles RAM usage of installed applications and processes. and potential memory leaks. Now you won’t suffer big times while cleaning your hard drive!

You can be sure that MacFly Pro – the best app to clean up mac – will serve you just fine.

One of the highlights that makes this app convenient and user-friendly is that it operates on the background and regularly checks up on your Mac by itself. The best app to clean mac is a self-regulating software that won’t need your human intervention and will do all the tough job for you.
However, you can easily switch to the manual settings and adjust everything to your needs and preferences. But the reason it’s the best app to clean up mac is just that the background option is so much effortless and easy to use!

Best Program to Clean Up Mac Hard Drive You’ll Ever Find!

Let’s quickly bring to light in which circumstances your hard drive generally litters! It must be all types of junk files that don’t let you speed up mac, from the internet to system trash files. Also, the duplicate files and some of the apps you don’t use are quick to take up your free space and don’t give it back! It’s such an annoying routine to find your duplicate files manually, and that’s when the best clean app for mac can come to the rescue!

The third next thing that your hard drive doesn’t like keeping at all is the malicious cookies and malware in general. This happens quite rarely on Mac’s, but it can trigger some severe lags in the system. And as far as you already know, the best app to clean up mac hard drive, which is a software from MacFly Pro, will guard you against the harmful and suspicious files!